HTTP DELETE and Sencha Touch

I’ve recently learned that App Engine chokes on HTTP DELETE requests that contain a request body. While developing locally, everything works just fine, but when deployed, the production server drops these “malformed” requests with a “400 Bad Request” status line, so they don’t even reach the application in the WSGI pipeline.

After reading the specs I couldn’t find where it would state that a body is not allowed for DELETE, it does state however that the request URI should be enough to identify the resource and that no extra parameters should be required (so I guess many servers just ignore the body there).

Anyway, since App Engine is so strict about requests (which is a good thing anyway), it would be cool if Sencha Touch 2 could be somehow forced not to send an XHR payload when deleting a moel instance using the REST proxy. There seem to be no config option to prevent a request body, and when I asked in the forum, I got no decent reply.

After reading the source, I came up with an override that fixes this behaviour. However, since overrides are now deprecated in favor of Ext.define, the following gist now includes a correction to the override.