2011 Buschenschanksprint

My lovely girlfriend now wife and I have attended the first four days of Buschenschanksprint 2011, in the beautiful hills and vineyards of Berghausen, in Styria, Austria.

We had some great time, visited some Buschenschänke, and, of course, wrote a lot of code. I mostly worked on code that was related to the project I’m working on. Nevertheless, during the sprint we’ve implemented a new library, a YAML connector for the YAFOWIL form/widget library, called yafowil.yaml. I also contributed a patch to rod.recipe.appengine, which is already publisted on PyPI.

We’ve also fixed a few small bugs in cone.app and cone.tile, AnneGilles and rnix improved the documentation/tutorial, Gogo worked on the axg stack, and AnneGilles showed us a tutorial on their new S3-compliant database.

Location one This was the sprint location…

View from location one …and this was the view from the location.